14 Jan – Landslide

14 Jan – Landslide

Feeling a little tired today, not sure what that is all about, but I got my writing done and starting my day on a positive note (or as positive as I can make it anyway). Today’s prompt was about landslides. I decided to stretch it a little and make my main character have a landslide of issues to deal with. Not a good day for him, but it was fun to write about, so his suffering made my mood improve at least. Sorry Dale – I’ll give you a better day later. Hopefully. Maybe.

He hadn’t made it two houses down his street before he had to slam on his brakes as a deer darted out in front of him, stopped directly in front of the car, and stared at him. His breath caught in his throat. He hadn’t been going fast, so there wasn’t much danger, but he didn’t like surprises. He made motions at it, trying to convince it with human words to Shoo. But it stared at him for a minute longer and then meandered away like it had better things to do than stare at his car. Once it was out of the way, he started rolling forward cautiously. His heart still beat furiously and he realized he had been holding his breath, so he breathed out and in a couple of times to get himself recentered. Two more houses down the road and he pulled to a stop at the end of the road.

Streaming went fine, though for the last forty minutes, it looked like I had some connection issues. Rather than troubleshoot them, I just continued writing. I hit the 3000 word goal and finished my story – neither of which would have happened had I focused on the connection issues. So – sorry for anyone who was dealing with it on the other end – but I had limited time to write today.

I will not be streaming on Saturday or Sunday and not on my regular schedule on Monday (maybe not at all, but it will depend on how things go). I hope to still be writing and posting to the blog though, so stay tuned. At worst – I’ll be back Tuesday for regular stuff.

Have a good weekend all! May your words carry you down your own landslide.

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