15 Jan – Blood on the Wall

15 Jan – Blood on the Wall

Today’s prompt was a tough one, though less because it was a tough prompt and more because today was just busy enough to make it difficult for me to focus on writing for any one period of time. We had a long drive today, but I used about an hour of it for writing. In that time though, I learned I don’t write particularly well in a car with a couple of kids who like to talk. Still, I was able to write about 1500 words. Not enough to call it a day, but enough for me to say I had started.

After the car ride, it was time for some Ice Castles – which were phenomenal and well worth the drive. I’ll have some pictures in the days to come. It was frigid out there though. Like -20 C frigid. Once we settled in, had dinner and warmed up, I did sit down to write some more and despite being very tired, I managed to finish the story at 3039 words.

The story was a weird one, and I think I would like to go back and fix it later on. It ended up being a journey through the mind of an elderly man with dementia or alzheimers. I can’t make any claims to how accurate it would be, but I’m drawing on some of my experience in my own family history. I think it would be a good one to do justice to, but I can’t do that fixing now. Maybe in February though. We’ll see.

No stream today or tomorrow at least. Monday is still up in the air. I should still be posting my blog though – so I’ll be here tomorrow. Have a good night. I hope the words come to you easily.

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