David Payne

Father, Writer, Streamer

Writing is a passion. Time to make it a priority

I’ve called myself a writer for most of my life. Only recently have I really started taking it seriously. I’m on a journey to write a million words, to polish my work, and to get published. Come join me – journeys are more memorable with others.



Monday-Friday 7AM-8:30AM EST


I pride myself on pushing my own limits with writing. I certainly feel most comfortable writing novel-length fantasy, but if a story comes to me that I need to tell, I’ll just go ahead and write it. I’ve finished NaNoWriMo 8 times successfully (and participated a few more times), and I completed 31 days, 31 stories as well. Next on my list is to get published – so the writing keeps going!


I enjoy a variety of games – digital and otherwise. My go to game is Magic the Gathering and I enjoy that with anyone who will join me for a game. Otherwise, rummy, bridge, Dungeons and Dragons, Tiny Epic games and even the original Dungeon! board game are high on my list.


I lead a small team of User Assistance Designers to deliver excellent documentation and training both within the organization and to our customers.

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