13 Jan – Hope

13 Jan – Hope

In my house, if someone says they “hope” something happens, I’ll pretty much always follow it up with “And rebellions are built on hope.” The kids groan. My wife pats me sympathetically on the shoulder. I laugh at myself.

But that is the line that comes to mind when I see (or hear) a word like hope. Today’s prompt was about hope.

This year is all about hope for me. I hope to continue with my daily writing goals. I hope to not be dissuaded by editing when I get to it in February. I hope to be encouraged by having others read my work. I hope to be in a position where I feel comfortable sending off stories, short and novel-length, for submission. I hope to find success in my stream beyond the success I’ve seen so far (in that it has successfully gotten me writing every day).

So yeah. Hope. It’s a big deal for me.

The picture that went with the prompt though – a lighthouse in impossibly stormy seas – that’s what got me started though. That one picture was worth far more than a thousand words – it was over three thousand words. It was perfect for my writing today.

Lightning streaked the sky, wind whipped the air around, rain started falling and snow, and ice. The temperature was right at that perfect spot where you could get anything, and the storm would show you just how strong and masterful it was by giving it all to you. However, despite the horrible weather, this was just the edge. I still could see hope in the form of clear skies behind me. I could see some glimmer of hope in the sky, a sun that wouldn’t perish. Maybe the storm would blow past and I would be looking at the sun again soon. Maybe not. That remained to be seen.

Streaming was good, as it usually is. I managed my time well and finished my third sprint with less than 60 seconds before 8:30am – so I shut down this computer and moved to my work computer and there – I was at work. The difference in my day is significant when I have finished my writing for the day before work and even though I have found myself wanting to do more in the evening even when I have finished, I do feel some comfort in finishing in my morning writing session.

I’m finally at the point where I’m starting to think about building my “brand”. So far, streaming has been much more about writing; the same could be said about this blog. I know eventually I want to transform them into something that is uniquely me. What exactly that is, remains to be seen. Until I’m ready, they will remain, for sure. Hopefully though, change will happen, and hopefully, that change will be good.

Have a good rest of your day all. I’ll be back at the writing tomorrow.

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