2 Jan – Precipice

2 Jan – Precipice

I found today’s prompt this morning and mulled it over in my head for quite a while. By the time I got to writing, after lunch, after a nice four mile walk (on a relatively warm, if wet January day), and started the stream, I had some ideas I was ready to put on the page.

So I sat down, pulled up the notes page and stared at it, obstinately, as all those ideas went fleeting away. Instead, I started one of my sprint timers and just came up with the story off the top of my head.

My main character was standing in a very real place – on a rock overlooking the “Lover’s Leap” area of Purgatory Chasm, a local hiking spot not too far from home. I’ve been there enough over the years to have a pretty good visual memory of it. The main character also had been there a lot, but he was down on his life, and contemplating some dark things. As the sun set though, a bear came out of the woods, and left him with two difficult paths – to try to scare the bear off or to try to climb down through a precarious side path that would lead him down into the chasm proper.

The bear came closer, keeping him in sight as he descended the side of the rock, half-sliding, half-crawling down. It was much darker out than he realized, and as he looked down below him, to make sure he wasn’t going to just go off the edge, he took his eyes off the bear for a moment. And when he looked back, he realized he had lost track of it. Panicking a little more, he concentrated on getting down. Wherever the bear was, if he could get down off of the rock and into the chasm, he could get his way out without further trouble. He hoped. He left his phone back at home. He hadn’t wanted to be disturbed while he was out. Now that looked like a horrible idea. He wished he had brought something.

I feel like I could make a whole lot more out of this journey for him, clean it up significantly, but for a rough first draft, written in front of the camera, I’ll take it. It took me three sprints of 20 minutes to write 3044 words and call it a story.

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