3 Jan – A Year with No Summer

3 Jan – A Year with No Summer

Today’s prompt picture was a snowscape in the forest and while the setting was about a year with no summer, I decided to write a story about a scientist struggling for funding for a climate change initiative and hating politicians. I’m woefully unprepared for such a story though – so if I was going to do it right, I’d need to do research, and plenty of it. The gist is the politician didn’t care about the climate and claimed that he was immune to its problems and as long as he kept voter parity, it didn’t matter if some of his voters died from it. Decidedly a negative story overall, even though the scientist did get his funding in the end.

“Your taxpayers are going to die if we don’t solve this problem.”
“Ah, but it won’t be just my taxpayers right? It will be equally my taxpayers and the Opposition’s taxpayers?”
“Yes, death has no political boundaries.”
“Well, good. Then that’s what will happen. There has been talk of overpopulation for years now. Maybe thinning the herd would be good the world over.”
“And of you, your family? What will you do when they freeze to death? What will you do when there is no food because no one can grow it? Senator, how can you be so obtuse?”

Still having trouble piping the music through to the stream – so I think that is officially off the table until I upgrade my setup some.

Otherwise, the stream went well enough. I had a slow-ish start with my first two sprints each clocking in at about 750 words a piece, and then picked up speed in the third to get over 2500 total. My last sprint I finished the story before the end of the sprint – but the story clocks in at 3200 words overall.

So – three days in, over 10k words complete and 3 stories complete. I’ll take all of those achievements. And on to the next!

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