1 Jan – Volcano

1 Jan – Volcano

Today marks the start of 31 Stories in 31 Days. I started my stream around 6pm my time, and after 5 sprints and 2.5 hours, I called my first story finished. It clocks in at 3977 words and is cut off at the end pretty abruptly. Not polished, not even close to reasonable ending. But good enough for my first story of the month. And I think I’m going to end up with more like this throughout the month.

Today, I used the provided prompt about a volcano (I used the picture, not the sample sentences). I’m happy that there are prompts provided, even though I don’t know that I’ll need them all of the time.

The stream was more fun tonight because I knew I had more viewers on (2-5), but I still maintained a high rate of typing throughout. I’m looking forward to having 31 Stories be something to encourage more future viewers too.

That all said, it is late now. I need to get some reading done to a pair of twins. We’re in the middle of Terry Brooks’s Magic Kingdom For Sale, so I’ll be back tomorrow for more. Until then – have a wonderful night. And if you are writing – write well, and have fun!

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