22 Jan – Peace

Today’s prompt was about peace, either in a crowd or around the world. I started off with a story about a despot, whose death caused peace, but it wasn’t going particularly well. Instead, I restarted and did a story about a man watching a crowd that was supposedly at a rally, but who were at peace there. It turned into a very strange, reality bending kind of Matrix situation. I’m not certain how I feel about it – but it got the words done for the day, and was an interesting avenue to explore if nothing else.

As January is getting closer to the end, I’m starting to think about how to measure editing progress in terms of my word count goals. I think I’ll have to figure it out when I get there for sure, but I think my tentative plan is to allocate 4 editing sprints per day, and count each one for about 750 words. Since I get my 3k words done in 3 sprints when I’m undisturbed, I feel like I can make that correlation.

Alternatively, I won’t count my editing words at all towards my daily goal and just decrease my daily goal to, say 2700, and edit as well. With how far ahead of the million word pace I am right now, I feel like I can accommodate a little bit of a hit there. Ultimately though, it is all theoretical, so we’ll see how it goes when I get there. I probably should be asking how others measure their progress – there are definitely writing streamers out there who edit on stream, so there are people to ask anyway.

Time to forage for some food – so have a good day and I’ll be back at it tomorrow.


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