21 Jan – Unprepared

This morning, when I went to start my stream preparations, I noticed the daily prompt wasn’t yet posted. I sent a message on discord about it, and then considered what I would do if I didn’t have a prompt. I found myself thinking, “Wow, I’m unprepared for that.” So I put that up as my theme for the day. And while the prompt came up before I actually started, I decided to keep it anyway. I still worked in prompt 2 though.

Today’s story was a survivalist living through the days after a super-volcano eruption that put the world through a long (eternal) winter. Not very realistic, not particularly compelling as written, but it was fun enough to write it anyway. Unfortunately, I had an 8am meeting today, so I only got 2 sprints in this morning, and only 1700 words total. After work, I streamed (silently) for another two sprints to finish it off. Not at all happy with the ending, but it could be workable into something eventually if I do decide to return to it.

I received a raid again from ElementEds to start my morning and make me smile. I wish I could have streamed longer because it did put me in such a good mood to start with, but work called.

Luckily, the weekend is here, so I’ll get my writing in without any distractions for work. Stream schedule will be when I’m available, but you can expect at least three sprints when I do pop up. Have a good night all. May your words flow, and your stories sing. See you tomorrow.


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