20 Jan – Piercing Sound

Today’s prompt was another about sound, this time a piercing sound that shook the character’s home (burrow, shelter, boat, etc) and their reaction to it. I spent the first couple of minutes of my first sprint tossing it around in my head, and what came out was a story about a mouse who wanted to save his home from the tyrannical hawks that preyed upon the mice. He wasn’t successful by and large though.

On stream, I was fortunate to be the recipient of a large (for me) raid from ElementEds (thanks again!), and some chatty visitors. This meant I didn’t hit my word goals after three sprints, but always happy to receive chatters. I wrote the last 400 words off-stream to hit my 3000 word goal for the day and to finish off the story itself.

We had some discussion about the weather and writing, which are common topics to delve into. Getting a chance to talk with people from other places around the world has been nice. I even received a reference to an Aesop Fable that I must have read in French when I was growing up and just didn’t remember it (Belling the Cat). It seemed to fit in with the theme of my story – so thanks for the reference Angsthase.

So tomorrow will mark the end of the 3rd week of 31 Days, 31 Stories. Looking forward to getting through these last few days and then figure out how to tackle February properly. I’m glad to be ahead of my word count goals, because I think while I figure out how to count editing properly, I might fall below my 3k goal. Depends on how I set the ruler anyway.

Have a good night all. I’ll be back at it tomorrow for the 21st story.


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