17 Jan – Resonate

On the one hand, today was a day that might have been made better in a stream, but it also allowed me to write something that I would not have written on stream. The part that would have been better was to show how I handle “blocks” when the story just isn’t coming along.

Part of my struggle today was that neither of the prompts really worked for me. Not that they were bad, but just didn’t speak to me. The second one was actually too close in my mind to one of the ones from yesterday, I found myself thinking of that story again. There’s no requirement to write to the prompts, but I had done in all my previous stories, so that was my plan today.

I restarted my story three times today. The first was 850 words, the second just over 1000, and the same with the third. I wouldn’t say any of them are the work that I would be happy to send out into the world, but the act of starting and restarting was good to practice. So – I managed my 3000 words, and the short story for the day was just over 1000 words, but the goals were made – and I’m happy with that.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back on my regular schedule. In the mean time – I’m just shy of 55k for the month, and while I am only one day closer to the finish for January’s goals – it feels like I’m on the downhill, with plenty of momentum to get there. So bring it on “rest of the month” – let’s finish this strong and get to February.

I’ve got some research to do for my editing in February in addition to that other task. I need to figure out what some guidelines are for putting out children’s stories and then figure out where these two stories about Buttons really fall. I think they will be my first two stories to polish in February and then I’ll follow up with either Fish or Incursion. I could also go back to an older story – but I think working on the work that is fresher in my mind will be better. Plans can and will change as needed though.

Anyway – have a great rest of your day. May your writing be fruitful, and may goals be attained. See you tomorrow – streaming at 7am EST.


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