16 Jan – Trapped!

16 Jan – Trapped!

Day two of no stream weekend, and I’m realizing just how much more focused I am with a little bit of external accountability. Don’t get me wrong, it is good to take a couple of days off from streaming, but in terms of time spent writing – I’m at least triple where I would normally be. Allocating an hour and a half to write 3000 words is manageable. Jumping that up to four or five hours? Not so much. Tells me that if I intend on taking a weekend away, that maybe I’ll need to plan on streaming still, even with inconsistent network issues. I’m not sold on it though. I don’t plan to take a day off from writing though – that has been good.

Speaking of good – I had trouble getting started with this prompt, but it might be my favorite story of the month so far. Buttons the Super Dog is a close second – but this one just hits on a lot of good imagery for me, and I enjoyed writing it quite a bit. I will definitely go back and edit it later. Today’s prompt was “Your character encounters a small animal stuck in a tree.” My small animal was stuck in a cabinet in the kitchen for the story – but the premise is the same. I also used the second prompt – though only the main character woke up initially to the screaming.

Breathing again, he was interrupted by the sound again. A keening, piercing sound that seemed to shake all of the world around him. He clutched the sheets of his bed, held his breath tight in his chest and waited for the sound to go away. It only last a second, but for Ram, it seemed so much longer. And worse yet, it seemed to come from inside the house. He was certainly not the only one to wake from it, but he could hear no one else stirring in the adjacent rooms. The beating of his heart in his chest was the only remaining sound, and it was oppressive in his ears. He longed for the quiet solitude of the wind outside, or maybe rain. Rain usually calmed him.

So there we are – 16 stories done in 16 days. 15 stories in 15 days to go. I’m feeling pumped that I’ve gotten this far and I see no reason I could falter from here. So onward! I hope all of your writing is going well – feel free to drop a line on what you are working towards in the comments. Thanks – see you tomorrow (maybe for an evening stream – we’ll see).

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