6 Jan – Moment of Perfection

6 Jan – Moment of Perfection

Apparently, I linked the wrong prompt post yesterday. It was for today – so here‘s that same link again. I assume you can find the other prompt, or just reference my post for what it was about. Sometimes, I make mistakes like that. Not a perfect man after all.

That said, today’s prompt – a moment of perfection – was fun to write. I started off my stream like I have been of late – with a quick brainstorm on how to use the prompt in maybe a non-obvious way. I clipped it here. I took some of the thoughts from that to make my story of the day as well. Basically, the premise that a moment of perfection lends itself to a romantic scene just seemed too easy. So instead, I did the moment of perfection when aliens invade, or arrive. In my story, they really just arrived.

I can’t say that the story makes a whole lot of sense, but it was fun to explore it. I think there are usable pieces of it as well, and I like that the narrator (who tells it in first person), is kind of down on the human race’s response to the aliens. There’s a lot to work out in there, so I’m definitely not throwing it away.

Today I was asked about writer’s block too. I still need to go back and clip that, but I think it was a pretty good explanation for a topic that I feel many don’t really stop and think about. I doubt there are many who would agree with me either. And that’s okay too. It was in between my first two sprints today, so it should be quick to find if I don’t get a chance to clip it tonight.

In other news, my daughter got her first acceptance into college. A major milestone, and I’m happy that she got it. I’m sure there are others coming, but it is nice to get that first one out of the way. Congratulations!

[EDIT] I managed to find the time to go in and chop up a highlight on the Writer’s Block question. Let me know what you think.

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