5 Jan – Pulse Racing

5 Jan – Pulse Racing

No, not pod racing, pulse racing. As in, “Their pulse raced until only the thumping of the heart resonated in their ears.”

Passionate way to start a writing stream, so that’s where I began. Knowing I had my hard 8:30am stop, I kicked off the stream and got right to work. What was I writing about? Well, Buttons, the Super Dog of course. Who else would be so excited about everything?

The stairs down to the beach were the most treacherous. Molly had tumbled down them once, and Buttons was determined to race through them in order to avoid that unfortunate mishap. They were trapped, but the traps moved every day. So, standing at the top of them, Buttons examined her path down for a moment, took a deep breath and then charged forward.
“Hey!” Benjamin cried, as Buttons pulled him down the stairs. Buttons felt his reluctance, but this was the safest way, so she just pulled harder, moved faster. She was a Super Dog, and she would show them the way through this peril, for sure.

Just like last time I wrote about Buttons, I had no trouble keeping the words flowing and after my three allotted sprints this morning, I finished the story with a total of 3133 words. Is it sad that I was disappointed that I finished my word goal? That I was kind of looking forward to writing again this evening even though it definitely was too much last night? Probably a little sad. Still, I expect there will be other days I have to have a second stream, so keeping myself to one on the days I can is probably for the best.

Now that things are relatively back to normal at work, I expect my schedule will also normalize in the coming weeks. I like a full schedule, most of the time, so I’m looking forward to it.

What are you working on? What words can you come up with to describe that inexplicable feeling of a rushing heart beat? What gets you that excited each day?

Have yourself a great day ahead (or evening), and let’s write some more tomorrow. See you then.

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