Day 11: Goal 1667, Actual 1812

“Don’t you know that it is November? I don’t answer the phone in November.”

I definitely told this to a friend of mine today. He thought I was joking. Clearly I was since I picked up the phone, but I definitely should change my voice mail message. Something like “You’ve reached David and the kids, please leave a message and we might get back to you in December or after 50,000 words have been written.”

Any excuse I can give to not be on the phone I’ll take.

The writing went well today. I had the day off from work and most of the day without the kids at home, so I had ample opportunity to write. Instead I worked on the cleanliness of the apartment, watched some television, played a game and eventually wrote. Just because I have the opportunity doesn’t mean I’ll take it. I knew I wasn’t going to make today an all-day write-in (that’s what this coming Saturday will be…), so I just kept myself to my regular goal. I did spend a little time looking over the outline I started the month with. It is pretty much trashed at this point (I really didn’t plan on my murder victim not being dead…), but I think I have a general sense of where the next few chapters will lead me.

I have said this before, but I am genuinely enjoying this story and how it is unfolding. I could definitely write more on most days, but I like to keep myself to a pace. This helps give me time to think about the next few scenes without burning myself out. Hopefully this pace continues through the month though. In the past NaNos, I’ve been pretty happy with the first 40-60% or so and really don’t like the endings. I want to get to the point where I like the ending too. We’ll see when we get there though.

I noticed today that between myself, my brother and my niece, we are just about at 50k. Not significant of course, but fun to think about. I’m rooting for us all to get there. That said, I want to win first (not unlike Jen here). For the first week or so, I was behind them both, but after a successful write-in on Saturday, I pulled ahead. No, no one truly beats the other WriMos, but it doesn’t mean I can’t use it to help motivate myself. I like the competition after all.


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